Desktop Barcode Scanners

This is a hand-free desktop scanner. It includes 1D barcode scanner and 2D barcode scanner. Identification bar code ability, high efficiency. It is used in many scenarios such as supermarket cash register and warehouse management. These bar code scanners can recognize almost all basic 1D and 2D barcodes. For example, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE 128, QR code, PDF417, Data matrix and so on. It supports a range of systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, and more. Plug and paly, convenient and easy to use.

Q: What are the features of these desktop scanners?

Our scanner has features such as auto-sensing, wireless connection. Most of desktop scanners allow you to rotate the scanning head to adjust the scanning Angle of the scanner, which is very convenient. It also supports a range of systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, and more. The scanner is also easy to use and plug and play.

Q: Do wired barcode scanner have batteries?

A: No. Wired scanners don’t come with built-in rechargeable batteries, so you have to plug the scanner’s USB cable into your computer before using it. The scan gun can only be used normally after the scanning device is powered.

Q: How do I setup a wireless barcode scanner?

A: Barcode scanners require no drivers, so simply plug the barcode scanner into your computer’s USB port. The computer should recognise the device and you should be able to start scanning products right away. Click the cursor to the position where you need to output data, scan the code, you can receive the barcode data you need.

Q: How to maintenance for barcode scanner?

Daily use of the scanner does require maintenance. In the process of our daily use of the scanner, the product will gradually accumulate dust, we can irregularly use non-flapping cloth to clean the accumulated dust on the product. While most scanners are earthquake-resistant and fall-resistant, do not drop your scanner repeatedly. This will help extend the life of the scanner.

Q: Why use barcode scanner?

A: Barcode scanner is a scanner dedicated to identifying barcode or QR code data. We need to use the data content contained in the bar code in many environments. Of course, we can manually input the data content of the bar code, but with the help of the bar code scanner, greatly improve our work efficiency. This will save a lot of time.