Will 2D barcodes have more advantages than 1D barcodes?

As we’ve already explored, there are obvious advantages of two-dimensional barcodes over one-dimensional codes.

However, the most notable advantage is that they can store a significant amount of data in a small space—especially if you consider their potential for information storage and accuracy and retrieval capabilities.

Here are a few other advantages that 2D has over its one-dimensional counterpart to consider.

Inventory Accuracy

Another main advantage that two-dimensional barcodes have is accuracy with inventory management and better traceability.

That’s because they make it possible to store a large amount of data in as little as 12 square millimeters, which can help streamline your entire process from product delivery to sales and beyond.

Rapid Information Recording

One of the biggest advantages that two-dimensional barcodes have over one-dimensional ones is speed. Inputting information into a database can be very time-consuming since you manually type out the data for each product.

Two-dimensional codes streamline this process since they hold more information per scan. This not only allows you to record more data but lets you do so faster than ever before.

Scanning is Easier and Faster

With one-dimensional barcodes, you need to ensure that the object is facing in a specific direction with no other information around it.

This process can not only be very time-consuming but sometimes impossible due to packaging or poor lighting conditions. With two-dimensional codes, all of this goes away, and scanning becomes much simpler and easier.

More Versatile Barcodes

As mentioned before, two-dimensional barcodes can hold more raw information than one-dimensional codes. That also means they can be used for a wider variety of applications and purposes.

For example, you can use them to encode URLs so that customers can easily be directed to your website or online store. You could also use them to store product or inventory information to track and manage it easily.

Barcode Labels Can Be Printed Smaller

Another advantage that two-dimensional barcodes have over one-dimensional barcodes is their size. Since they can hold more information and require less space, they are ideal for small objects like keychains or even custom clothing tags.

This benefit not only saves on printing costs but also allows you to market your brand in unique ways.

Saves Time and Effort

For employees that need to input information into your database, two-dimensional barcodes can save them a lot of time and effort. Faster, more flexible scanning means more data entry in less time.

It also helps reduce mistakes since the technology makes it much easier to find the correct object and stop errors mid-scan.

Business Intelligence

With two-dimensional barcodes, you can gather a lot of information about your inventory and business in general.

This data is a valuable resource that allows businesses to improve their performance by making informed decisions about future actions related to products and marketing campaigns.

Reduces Errors

Since two-dimensional barcodes are more accurate than one-dimensional, they can reduce mistakes and make inventory management much easier.

This fact is especially important for eCommerce resellers that must keep track of large inventories in multiple locations.

Better Bottom Line

Using two-dimensional barcodes can save a business a lot of money in both the short and long term. For example, consider how much you could reduce in printing costs given the necessary space per data byte in 2D barcodes.

In addition, having more accurate information from scanning means that there will be fewer errors making it easier for employees to get things done.

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