What problems did you encounter when using the barcode scanner? Come and communicate!

Hello! Dear EVAWGIB barcode scanner users!
We are very honored that our products can get your trust.
How long has your scanner been used? How many days? How many months? Or how many years?
Have you encountered any problems when using barcode scanners? What kind of problem did you encounter? How did you solve it?

Handheld Barcode Scanner
“우편물 목록을 정리하려고 합니다.
이 스캐너는 사용할 수 있습니까?”

“I need to use multiple scanners on one production line, but I need to transfer the data to one computer.
Can it be achieved?”

Barcode Scanner Modul
“Why can the product I purchased power on but cannot transfer data? Please provide me with technical support, thank you very much! I don’t know how to do it. Plz help.”

“Nachdem ich diesen Setup-Code gescannt habe, konnte das Produkt nicht normal funktionieren. Die Situation ist dringend und ich warte online auf Ihre Antwort! Es wäre auch toll, wenn mir ein Freund, der sich mit dem Barcode-Scan-Modul auskennt, eine Anleitung geben könnte!”

Desktop Barcode Scanner
“Hi! Dear everyone! Has using a desktop barcode scanner improved your cashier efficiency? I’m looking for a desktop scanner model that everyone recommends. My friends like to use this brand of products, and I would like to hear your opinions.”

“Can I see the manual? Is it possible to connect with serial port (RS232)”

Do you have a variety of situations?
Come and make a comment!


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