About barcode scanner module

The barcode scanning module is also called barcode scanning module and barcode scanning engine. It is the core identification component widely used in the field of automatic identification. It is one of the key parts for the secondary development of barcode scanners. It has complete and independent barcode scanning and decoding functions, and can be written into various industry application functions as required. Program, which has small size and high integration, can be easily embedded into mobile phones, tablet computers, printers, assembly line equipment, medical equipment, and other equipment from all walks of life. The development process of foreign countries is relatively early in the barcode scanning module industry, and the technology is relatively mature. The relatively large ones include Honeywell, Motorola, Symbol, etc.
Although our brand was registered and established in 2015, our factory has more than ten years of independent research and development and production experience.


The barcode scanning module can be divided into one-dimensional code module and two-dimensional code module according to the scanning similarity, and can be divided into laser module and red light module according to the light source.

Difference between laser module and red light module

The principle of the laser scanning module is to make a laser light source point by the internal laser device, hit it on a reflective sheet with a mechanical structure device, and then rely on the vibration motor to make the laser point into a laser line and shine it on the barcode, and then decode it into a barcode through A-D. Digital signal.
Red light scanning modules generally use LED light-emitting diodes as light sources, rely on CCD photosensitive elements, and then convert them through photoelectric signals.
Most of the laser scanning modules rely on dispensing glue to fix the mechanical device, so it is easy to be damaged when it swings, and the pendulum falls off, so we can often see that the light source scanned by some laser guns after falling becomes a point, resulting in fairly high rework.
There is no mechanical structure in the middle of the red light scanning module, so the drop resistance is incomparable to the laser, so the stability is better, and the repair rate of the red light scanning module is far lower than that of the laser scanning module.

From the physical principles of laser and red light:
Laser refers to light with strong energy and good parallelism of stimulated radiation. Now most of the red light is emitted by LEDs. Red light is not the kind of infrared we are talking about. The infrared defined by physics is the spontaneous radiation of objects with temperature Electromagnetic waves are invisible.
Infrared rays include all light with a wavelength greater than red light, while laser light refers to light with a certain wavelength. There is no necessary connection between them and they do not belong to the same field.
Laser is the radiation generated by the amplification of stimulated emission of light. Infrared is the part of the spectrum with a smaller frequency and a larger wavelength that cannot be observed by the naked eye. The penetration and anti-interference of light are worse than that of laser, so outdoor laser is better than red light under strong light.

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